Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Secularism and Mathematical Oneness

The Prayer Stool was one of my early sketch models before commiting to this project. The sprititual aspect of Marquez's story(ies) and my own fascination with division of belief despite seemingly identical values drove me towards an interpretation of the spritual buffet we seem to be (continuing to) evolve. Although violent secularism seems to be the news media's messianic vision the future may not be so bleak. I am interested in the divulgence of religions and the intergration of belief through individual and socially cohesive policies as this happened for example to propagate the big three monoteistic religions and will continue to proliferate, in my opinion. The interest for me is in the concepts of absolute truths, or single individual immoveable facts and the individuals that pursue this quest for... the examination of limits-of-faith-in... the description of the ultimate "figure" (person, number, equation, date, event) numbers and dates - measurements, (nemerical and mathematical / spirtuality - noahs ark, the ten commmandments, the ark of the covenent, islamic geometry,equations, theoretical sciences/maths) events, (apocalypse, doomsday (cults), second coming, end of the universe, meteorites, blackholes, singularity etc) always figure in religion and science, both of which require huge dedication and "faith" in the subject of focus. The examples of which interest me, the anthropological neccessity (as it seems) to generate and regenerate or re-present the concepts of both division (divisible down to 1) and multiplication (or duplication of 1) within contemporary frameworks.

the "drive" or impetus, the momentum all interest me, why divide numbers down to 1? conversely multiplying othe relements

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