Monday, 1 February 2010

"the last days of decadence"

The entry title refers to the name of a club night in London which always springs to my mind when I think about our current decade in comparrison to the turn of the last century and up to world war 1. It uses the imagery of art nouveau and brings to mind the comparisons of both heady times.

In contemporary terms how can we talk about the individual and his corresponding society as Plato spoke about the individual and his corresponding society, although this is (admittedly) suscptible to (forced through) prejudicial and stereotyping (filters)

"the last days of decadence"

are there similarities between art nouveau and the movement of cameras one effect of our fascination with the integration of technology (anthropomorphising technology/objects/values and valueables) integrating into our lives and even our persons (body programming mental and physical) mixing new technology with natural elements. does this take the edge off new concepts? to smoother it in beauty to disguise its harsh reality...

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