Monday, 15 February 2010

Study: Cellist performance London bridge venue

The musician emanates one of the most enduring images of solitude. The level of concentration and focus between the musician to the instrument removes the musician from the immediate environment in many ways, it is our appreciation of this detachment and the consequences of the use of this object that allows us to be drawn into the musicians world, to share their vision, to experience what is being communicated through interaction between human and object. The chair is essential it must be one of the few instruments that require a chair. There is a frequent connection between the spine or the back and "other" places. It can be associatted with the past, so therefore with memory and with security or protection (by being a weakspot or centre of instability.
I would like to reproduce these images with black ink on red/orange glass/plastic backlit with yellow/orange...use diffuse technique...

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