Tuesday, 29 September 2009

If Plato's descriptions of imperfect societies casts our current situation somewhere between a democracy and an oligarchy rich with the associatted stereotypes then what would happen to a society that is increasingly divided along increasingly intrigate myriad of divisions so with a dose of vertigo enducing reality checks this project will also try to design for a future of increasingly solitudal (oh yes I did just make that word up) lives.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Study: Rock Climbers

Rock climber sat in tree bottom left

Some experiences can shift our perception of ourselves from egocentric significance, awe, realisation, to relative insignificance. These are the words that I would use to describe the shift in thought patterns when challenged with some of the spectacles of life. Being overwhelmed by sheer physical presence or moved by an emotive event. Whether it is moving outside your comfort zone or having your perceptions challenged or horizons broadened or just experiencing a unique moment. One can experience a shift that puts one from the centre of the world to a little spec in a much bigger picture. This shift is unsettling it distorts our perception and alters many of our senses and ability to process the information provided by them the enormity of the gap between singular and the infinite too immense. Before putting yourself in these positions the anticipation is subjective, how you are going to experience something you have been wanting to experience (or avoid!). There is a moment here where one can experience another perfect archetype of solitude. The transition in relating this to all other experiences maybe what makes us unique from other people and their experiences. It is moments like these that can drive us to philosophical distraction. Filling that gap between the singular and the infinite, inside and out.

Study: Part Chair part Earth

Chairs bought to rest by the high tide. These objects are here because of some violent or catestrophic intervention that has caused them to break, be discarded or removed from their usual places. I like half submerged fractions of chair, half embedded in another material (reminds me of this image), here the forms are semi recognisable enough to give the impression of a chair attached to something else.