Friday, 31 July 2009

Prototype: Ghosted Chair

This frame holds an old wooden chair profile in a black square tubular steel office chair frame. The back rest upright going into the leg is a sructural strength that both structures share, the black frame could be seen as an evolution from wooden construction. A part of its evolution as an object, a member of a family tree, a piece that has evolved from constant improvements and alterations natural and intended interventions to form and processes, all are still present in its construction. Chairs as footprints of their owners, empty chairs as echos of people, traces of their previous incarnations. There are posibilites for more abstract interpretations also.

There is potential in experimenting with fabrics and upholstery, printing and illustrations.

This idea evolved from the Beautiful freaks prototypes using left over chair parts to try and emphasise a new aspect of the form, the back leg up into the backrest.

Study: Death dying and dead stuff

our persepective on death and the neccesity to explain what happens afterwards...the dead headless pigeon with just its wings and torso left in the gutter. When we see dead things we can tend think about our own mortality, seeing something with its head detached it makes me think of more than death. It makes me question the connection between the head and the heart. The moment of death must be the single most isolating moment in ones life.