Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Study: 100 Stairs of solitude

100 stairs of solitude....skate spot east London
its a lonely place between here and the bottom of these steps, an oncoming clatter of stairs persistently looming into view

Study: In or Out of Focus

"in or out of focus". I began to think about people being isoltaed and scrutinised covertly/overtly, the thought was triggered by the recent Nigerian bomber and a recent visit to the Jill Magid exhibit at the tate modern. By using focus in 2d and film images, in processes and in writen works

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Study: Sunset benches thames north

Study: Sunset bench

Study: Sunset benches thames north

Study: Thames benches

Study: Sunset benches

Study: Private garden mini park

Study: All that glitters

write 100 chairs of solitude mini stories all over orange backlit screen with flow/caps fonts to create textures and shade with the stories of the detail concerned so from the bench the towers the flats the puddles the trees all hold little stories. Also connected to Peter Ackroyds depiction of London as a city that has always been capable of rising from the ashes and able to depend on its own citizens to renew the city. He describes black and orange as the colours of London which
the solitude of "dividing" your caracter or soul, as if the essence of the person is divided between two. "agents"

Monday, 21 December 2009

Study: Tenement Bench

Study: Life in the fast lane - Get in the trunk...

More car seats retired from service and consigned to a slow death in the dark boots and alleyways of junk dealers and gypsy sites.

Study: Reflection of sunset off benches

Study: Armchair ready for the tip

Study: Scaffolding

I am interested in the scale here, between one unit, a scaff bar, and the whole, hundreds of scaffolding bars holding this form together. The many and the repititous forming the bigger more overpowering or imposing form. The relative insignificance of the one compared to the utilatarian anonymity of the duplicated. The possibilty in using scaffolding as a material would be interesting. Echoes other Thames Views, the HMS Belfast amongst them

Study: Alley perch

Study: Bike baby seat

Study: I used to be a fan...

Study: Andrei Tarkovsky - Solaris (1972)

Solaris (1972) trailer and
end sequence

Frozen pond, in deepest darkest New Cross

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Study: The most uncomfortable space...

Study: Scrap benches

Study: Gutter cushion

Study: Misty alley and dumped car

Study: Life in the fast lane - Torniquets and porno's, the sad demise of car seats

Revisiting the gypsy site


1. Medicine/Medical, Surgery. any device for arresting bleeding by forcibly compressing a blood vessel, as a bandage tightened by twisting.
2. a device for pulling the parts of a wooden piece of furniture together, consisting of a pair of twisted cords passed around the parts.

1685–95; < class="ital-inline">tourner toTURN


The second definition interests me more as a tool or as a fixing/feature/detail

Prototypes: waiting to be upholstered

process note: sew into hessian the rippelled effect coming out from the back laft corner to go the "ghosted chair" on the right. sew in by cutting alternate strips of william morris pattern and cammo.

Prototype: Beware the military-industrial complex...

The "bosses" chair, re-upholstered with cammo. This works, as a mix of symbols of hierarchy and discipline, of blending in

and patterns - structurial hierarchy and disciplined, departmental, co-ordinated and specific.
MIC Millitary-Industrial Chair

Study: Location - secret spot (skateboarding dry spot)

one of my favourite secret spots, dry when it rains you can skate. Movement or exercise as "counterculture" is often individual, the focus on expression rather than strategy and team work. Skateboarding attracts solitary caracters. Rodney Mullen the originator of skateboarding tricks a legendary innovator is a solitary caracter.

Study: Location Thames path south east

Study: Tenement Stool

Study: Cartop seat

Album Art, Artist unknown

Study: Location - dolphin, Thames

Study: Location - beach tyres and mini pier