Friday, 15 May 2009

Prototype: Kissing chair - warped up

I found the beginnings of this chair as two frames intertwined locked together inseparable without wrenching apart. Although it has resulted in looking like a kissing chair, it suggests two users with two back rests, that was not the intention. Although it would be appropriate to investigate its potential as a kissing chair. The positioning of the users would involve interlocking legs which would add to the visual clutter of the users/chairs legs.

Sketch: Benches

Benches are by type a solitary object. No other piece of street furniture seems to be to its intended use for such a small proportion of its time than many public benches. When in use the bench usually only serves one u ser at a time. Bins are by comparision in constant use, they are always holding litter or being emptied or being used. Street lights are used everynight.
The bench with a user claims the area immmediately within its location especially where the space is restricted. The user can expect to sit there without anyone else sitting within a unspoken boundary infringing in the users space. Challenges to this rule are either met with a response to perceived aggression or an open invitation to share the space.

Study: Urban Igloo!

Deep in Deptfords snowiest region an urban retreat from the hectic winter!

Prototype: circular seat

This first prototype is slightly too high but efficient use of 100% recycled wood. Old table and old ikea chair providing the perfect componants, unfortunately in the wrong composition, looks too much like a crows nest atop a mast!

sit inside fits 1 person extra comfy, 2 back to back, several sat around outside ring. Used by one person sat inside, pad up the uprights as back rests. Upholster ring to make circular bar stool. Drop the height by at least 300mm to make ring bar stool height.

Studies: Secluded garden seats

Study: Tree trunk carved chair

Study: Location - lake trunk seat

I like the poltential in this location. The felled tree trunk modified to accommodate a seat. The illusion of the seat sitting on the water.

Studies: In the city

people find their little piece solitude where they can collectively, packed in so tight, shut off to the rest of the world and experience a fraction of solitude.

Studies: Empty gypsy site chairs

Seperated and divided into categories, one section - shoe, another - chair.
The two solitary objects in this picture are linked by their association with the human form, and the two objects are equally strong in their explicit relation to us but together they are almost alien to each other. (A shoe next to a chair, a shoe on a chair leg, a shoe as a chair leg?) The shoe is always located on the floor, flat and at an opposing angle to the chair, never parrallel.

Studies: Empty gypsy site smashed chair

Apart from being a revealing location with objects that tell a story of a hostile existence what has been left behind emphasises an incomplete departure, either hurried or reluctant leaving behind physical echoes of the past. This smashed chair has the perfect composition that cannot be contrived, the assembly of fractured parts that hold the moment of its demise as it came into effect. You can almost hear the clanging of the gate and the departure of the last vehicle that crushed the chair on its way out.