Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Prototypes: Prayer stool

This is a basic prayer stool crudely constructed from layered cardboard. I broke the form at the middle of the horizontal section and from these two identical components I have created a series of new prayer stools that require different postures which may be suitable for different forms of prayer. I would also like to examine the effects of posture on the psychology of the user, which forms lend themselves to certain postures that affect the type of spritual worship can be adapted to the object. The prayer stool in its christian form seats the user in a subordinated position. On ones knees, eyes to the floor in submission or to the heavens in wide eyed awe.

An aspect of this prototyping will involve an element of "auto destructive art". The original plan was to cover the pieces in text and leave to disintergrate in abandoned and derelict places of worship. I also intend on taking the forms and using different materials start playing with size and ratios relative to the various postures of worship to produce a series of prototypes for prayer based on these forms (and others not shown here). What is interesting is the potential additional limbs or support structures that go with the form. Some forms require additional limbs, some bizarre postures others require additional objects (other furniture/chairs/stools) and some require physical structures (buildings, caves, trees, cliffs, vehicles - floats/carnivals/fiestas) these relationships echo the nec relationships developed between the individual and these aspects of beleif and all its paraphernalia.

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