Wednesday, 14 October 2009

When prophecy fails

Prophecies and predictions require blindspots. Absolutism can exist but maybe with varying doses of cognitive dissonance. Hence we have guilt laden monetheistic religions and theoretical sciences with incomplete and inconsistant "standard models" or core beliefs.

In the case of cults (When Prophecy Fails) the desperation of those left to fend for themselves after "greatness" is not delivered.

Divine providence does not deliver anything to the weak and downtrodden except the meagre comfort of "things being better after you've died". Blinkered approaches to the bigger picture, made up answers which beg the question why hasn't evolution totally dispensed of religion already? what evolutionary purpose does faith/belief serve? what do christian scientists say? how is cognitive dissonance smoothed out, how do we profess that which we don't know to be true...except through conviction...the pillar of faith...

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