Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Study: Park Bench - panoptigon

From the sketch models on the idea of the panoptigon
And later studies

On this bench even on cold winter days beggars travellers and drunks congregate here in paranoid huddles. Sometimes they cluster in patches of stereotypes viewing the world with suspicious glares and fidgety dances. On better days it is like the international space station of young mothers with satellite prams orbiting close proximity. On the dull days suits face one way wardens another and apart from the flapping of a pigeon the farty slapping of the pathetic fountain is the only accompaniment to the London hum. On the hottest days everybody forgets who they are and the delerium breaks bounderies like snowball fights with strangers. But most of the time it is not used at all, snow falls and melts and leaves get stuck inbetween the bars and nobody notices. It is funny then that from here so much is noticed, absorbed and soaked in. It is like the panoptigon of the city. You sit and blend into the furniture of the city. People walking past do not care who you are, you are part of the scenery of their day they cannot see you for their security blinkers. You become anonymous and un-noticed but from this bench you can see the whole spectrum of life all of the details of the lives of others here in south east london and from this bench you go can include or seclude yourself.

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